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BYTE ME = Geek-speek for ''send me data''.
I am not a big Internet fan. I find most of the WWW to be worthless, long out of date, dead linked garbage. But every now and then I find something really worth while. . . .

Like the time I was reading a rather humourous list of things not to do on your website. The No. 1 thing not to do was use a black background. I could not have agreed more with this idea until the day I came across a really cool site with a black background, appropriately called pitchblack.com. I am not worthy.

I found this next site while searching for a solution to an integral equation at work one day. I didn't have my trusty table of integrals with me and my own integration skills were a little rusty on the particular integral I was trying to solve. integrals.wolfram.com gave me the answer interactively in no time. Where was this website when I was in college?

I was trying to fix a broken toilet one day. The problem was I didn't know how it worked to begin with. I admit it, I am plumbing challenged. I decided to give the Internet a try. It seemed like a long shot until I found www.howstuffworks.com. It made me feel good to know that I was not alone in my inability to figure out how a toilet worked. I'm glad someone wrote it all down for dummies like me.